CURAPROX CPS (5 pack) 410 Perio Plus Interdental Brushes

CURAPROX CPS (5 pack) 410 Perio Plus Interdental Brushes


CPS perio are specially suitable for secondary prevention: with open interdental spaces, fillings, crowns, bridges and particularly stubborn plaque


CPS 410: (blue) Accessibility: >2.5 mm / Effectivity: 10.0 mm


How to use an interdental brush correctly:

1. Place at an angle: place the CPS perio in the interdental space with its tip angled to the tooth axis and insert it carefully up to roughly the middle of the tooth, using the correct insertion angle.

2. Place upright: without pushing the brush further forward, position its handle perpendicular to the tooth axis.

3. in and out: push brush through cautiously and pull it out again. Ready! Due to the quality of the CPS perio. one single cleaning movement suffices daily.


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1. Dental floss stretches over the critical lplaces: therefore bacteria can mulitply further, unhindered. Moreover, if dental floss is used carelessly, you risk injuring the gums.

2. Interdental brushes with bristles that are too short: Because they do not succeed in entirely filling the interdental space, the task is fulfilled only very poorly or not at all.

3. Simply perfect - CURAPROX CPS perio: Thanks to especially long bristle, the CPS perio interdental brush completely fills the space between the teeth. It removes plaque from all critical niches gently and effectively with just one cleaning motion: in and out once.


The interdental brush CPS perio is available in four sizes. Take advice from dental professionals to which sizes are right for you. Holder can be reused for all CPS interdental brushes.


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