Santeria Alkalize Your Body *informative book*

Santeria Alkalize Your Body *informative book*


A Kick Start Guide to Alkalize your Body

  • Learn how an alkaline lifestyle can improve your health
  • International Bestselling author of  "60 Seconds to Slim & the Ultimate pH Solution"
  • Michelle Schoffro Cook, PHD, ROHP, DNM
  • second edition.


Busy lifestyle?  Don't have time to read lengthy books?  

A Kick Start Guide to Alkalize Your Body is for you. This book offers practical tools that you can easily implement on your journey to better health.  It can be as simple as drinking clean, alkaline water!


In this kick start guide, you will learn about:

  • what is pH and the pH scale
  • stress, toxins and the Standard American Diet (SAD)
  • how acidity damages the body
  • 5 kick-acid tips for better health
  • ALKALINE WATER: the fountain of youth and health
  • choosing an Alkaline way of life
  • Alkaline foods to fill up on.


NEW in this edition:

  • Easy Alkaline Recipes by Sharisse Dalby, RNC
  • Home Workout Program by Lucas Patriquin


About the Author: International best-selling and 16-time book author, MIchelle Schoffro Cook is a doctor of natural medicine holistic, nutritionist, and the publisher of the free ezine World's Healthiest News.