Mineralized Water * energy boost for kids*

Mineralized Water * energy boost for kids*


Power Pouch with Immune Support: recover Faster with Antioxicant & Alkaline Water

  • Make any water alkaline, +pH
  • Adds immune supporting antioxidants
  • Adds minerals
  • Helps reduce runny nose
  • 100% Drug Free
  • Reduces chlorine by up to 99%
  • Healthy Tooth and Gum Development
  • Electrolyte Balance for Best Growth & Development
  • each pouch= 20 baby bottles(only 17 cents/bottle)
  • Children 6 months+


Your POWER POUCH makes naturally alkaline water by infusing it with essential minerals.  This is why Sanevia water supports your child's immune system like no other.  BETTER WATER, DONE NATURALLY.



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